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What is B2B Marketplace script?

B2B Marketplace Script is a powerful and affordable web solution, developed by our team using Open source Laravel Framework. Equipped with tons of features, fully customizable, user friendly interface, that can help you to start a full featured B2B Marketplace portal without having any coding language or without interfering the codes of the script.

With the growing internet uses, it has been analysed and declared that web promotions gives more effective result than any other digital promotions, so every seller, manufacturer or supplier wants to promote their products online for selling.

So, B2B Marketplace script is build in a manner, so that a user can manage and control their listing easily. If you are thinking to start a B2B Marketplace portal, it would be the best solution for earning revenue massively from advertiser.

Powerful & Extensible Laravel System

With expressive, elegant syntax, it provides, accessible, Powerful & Extensible application System.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-language support includes a full gettext-style translation system, installed with core modules available in the system.

Eassy to Manage for Administrator

Centralized administration makes site management fast and easy, without any technical knowledge for Administrator.

Fast & Simple

No clutter, no bloat, no complex dependencies. Built with PHP & Laravel, so it’s quick and easy to deploy.

Beautiful & Responsive

All are carefully designed to be consistent and intuitive across platforms, out-of-the-box. It’s backed by LESS, so themeing is a cinch.

Dedicated Support Team

Our Support offers, technical support and other resources online. Our support is customized to meet your needs.

Basic Features

Our B2B Marketplace script is easy to manage, either for normal user or administrator without knowledge of codding, ready to generate recurring revenue. Here are few most attractive feature which makes our B2B Marketplace script solution more powerful and flexible..

SEO Optimized

Customizable Meta tags and search engine friendly URLs, helps to process of optimising the web pages and discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to your website.

Flexible product listing plans

A User can choose the plan & add their Products along with full description and Price. Administrator can Manage different Listing Plan (i.e free , premium etc) with access rights...

User friendly Interfaces

In order to be user-friendly, an interface must be make sense to the average user and should require minimal explanation for how to use it. We make it well-organised, a user can easily locate different tools and options.

Unlimited Category

Administrator can add unlimited categories and subcategories along with Icon Image, it's structured as hierarchy, so can be add unlimited depth of data.

Unlimited Location

Administrator can manage unlimited depth of company location, i.e (Country, Region, City). like category it's also structured as hierarchy.

Banner Management System

Out of the box it has a wonderful Banner Management system, Administrator can add banner image by setting its Maximum Impression, Max Click, Date Range and Category.

Multiple Social Login

Social Login is a secure, fast and convenient way for people to log into your website. Administrator can configure multiple social login for their user.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Administrator can manage multiple payment gateways, by default we have coded for Paypal, if you want to configure other payment gateway, feel free to contact us.

Google APIs

By default it's featured with Google Map API Integration, Analytics Code Integration, Adsense Integration, On/Off Adsense display on site.

Super fast search system

Super fast search system, help user to get searched listings based on their inputs with featured listings at first.

System Utility

There are plenty of System Utility functions are there, so that administrator can use them when required, i.e Data Backup, Sitemap, Rss Feed, Clear Caches, Views , Maintenance mode etc.


Though the Laravel framework has a few system requirements. However, you will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements. For more information visit Laravel Official site.
  • Operating System : Though it is compatible with Any Windows, Mac or Linux, but in Live server, we recommend you to use Linux Operating System.
  • Web Server : Apache Web Server, Linux Only.
  • PHP : 5.5 and above
  • MySQL : Latest stable build of MySQL 5.x
  • Php Extensions : Safe_Mode = OFF , mod_rewrite (for Search Engine Friendly URLs), Latest GD Library, PhpMail, MbString, Curl, OpenSSL PHP Extension, PDO PHP Extension, Mbstring PHP Extension, Tokenizer PHP Extension, XML PHP Extension.
  • Need Customization on B2B Marketplace script ?

    If you need help that’s beyond the scope of our support, fill out the form customization request and send to our team, they’ll be in contact with you shortly.
    Discus with us
  • Handling Large Database (VLDB)
    Modern enterprises frequently run mission-critical databases containing upwards of several hundred gigabytes, and often several terabytes of data.
    Our system support & can handle very large physical database memory sizes.


You'll always get the best price—we guarantee it. You will be confident that we’ll never be beaten on price.

Business Edition

Business Edition is suitable for those willing to start instantly with a domain, though its 100% open source, can be change in code and design part anytime.

  1. No hidden cost
  2. 1 (One) year full technical Support (Single Domain)
  3. Open source code, customizable code and design.
  4. 1 (One) year full technical Support (Single Domain)
  5. 1 (One) File is encrypted (Licence).
  6. Single domain use only.
  7. Free expert installation service (single time).

99 USD 125 USD
Incliding all Taxes.

Developer Edition

Developer Edition is suitable for Developers/Enterprise, who willing install it in multiple domain, its 100% open source, can be change in code and design part and extend.

  1. No hidden cost
  2. 1 (One) year full technical Support (Single Domain)
  3. Open source code, customizable code and design.
  4. 1 (One) year full technical Support (Single Domain)
  5. No encrypted file.
  6. Can be use on Unlimited domain.
  7. Free expert installation service (single time).

499 USD 799 USD
Incliding all Taxes.

Help & Tutorial

Our Tutorials & Help section - will guide you step by step, Starting from installation to administration. We will be increasing our tutorial posting frequency for B2B Marketplace script. Please don’t miss any tutorial. Keep a track of all the tutorials by bookmarking this page as we will keep updating it with the links to all new tutorials.

Help & Tutorial

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